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New Public Comment Period – June 15 to June 30 2021

June 15, 2021

New public comment period – June 15 to June 30 2021

Clove oil is permitted as a post-harvest sprout inhibitor for potatoes (Table 8.3). Can other plant oils, such as mint oil, be used for this purpose? (514)

Although only clove oil is specified in Table 8.3, following consultation with the PSL Preparation Working Group, the SIC has clarified that oils from three plant families, specifically Lamiaceae (mint family), Apiaceae/Umbelliferae (celery family) and Myrtaceae (clove family), may be used as post-harvest sprout inhibitors for potatoes.

The proposed response is subject to a 15-day comment period ending June 30,  2021

All comments regarding these answers should be sent to cfia.opr-rpb.acia@canada.ca

The report from the last public comment period – March 24 to April 24 2021 is available.

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