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Canadian Organic Standards Are Under Review
Every five years, Canadians have the opportunity to discuss and review the content of the Canadian Organic Standards.
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The science that improves
the Canadian organic agriculture
The Organic Science Clusters: a network of scientists addressing research priorities and contributing ecological solutions to Canadian agriculture.
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A Federation of provincial
and territorial organizations
The Organic Federation of Canada ensures that the needs of all organic producers are heard and addressed across the country.
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A fair certification process across Canada
The Standards Interpretation Committee resolves questions from growers and Certification Bodies accredited under the Canada Organic Regime.
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Organic Federation of Canada

Farmers are stewards of the land.

Thousands of Canadian farmers apply the Canadian Organic Standard to preserve the richness of the soil, the quality of the water and air, and the health of the ecosystems in which their crops are grown and livestock raised.

They produce food for consumers who are looking for environmentally friendly agri-food production that prevents soil degradation.

Dedicated to the growth of the Canadian organic industry, the Organic Federation of Canada has a mandate to maintain and interpret the Canadian Organic Standard and to manage scientific research in organic production in Canada.

Welcome to the Organic Federation of Canada!

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Our Work

Organic Science Clusters

The research increases productivity, capacity and competitiveness of the Canadian organic operations.

Launched in 2009, the Organic Science Clusters bring together researchers across Canada who are developing innovative, ecologically sound farming practices to benefit all Canadian producers.

The success of the Organic Science Clusters reinforces a values-based sector with science-based knowledge and practices and helps build scientific capacity in organic production systems.

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Our Work

Canadian Organic Standards

Referenced by the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, the Canadian Organic Standards determine how organic products intended for human and animal consumption are grown and processed.

Organic agriculture sustains the health of soil, plants and livestock by prescribing minimized tillage, crop rotation, diversification of biodiversity and animal welfare.

The Canadian Organic Standards exclude GMOs, nanotechnologies, growth regulators, cloned livestock and synthetic fertilizers.

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Interpreting the Canadian Organic Standards

In order to support operators implementing the Canadian Organic Standard and to resolve conflicting interpretations between certification bodies and certified operators, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has established in 2009 the Standards Interpretation Committee.

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We publish a bilingual monthly newsletter called InfoBio to update the sector on the rules and standards that apply to organic production in Canada, and about the scientific research that relates to organic agriculture.

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Organic Science Conversations

Scientists are passionate when they talk about their work!

The series of podcasts Organic Science Conversations presents interviews with the scientists involved if the research activities of the Organic Science Cluster 3.

A transcription of the interview is also available for some of these interviews.

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