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Canadian Organic Standards

Final Questions & Answers


1. Scope

Updated on December 19, 2021
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1.4 Prohibited substances, materials or techniques in organic production and preparation #

GMOs – Substrates and growth media #

Can inputs, which have been produced using substrates from GE plants, be used in organic food production? (88)

Yes and no. Inputs from GE plants are prohibited with the following allowances for input substrates (growth media).

If the substance (input) includes the substrate or growth medium, the ingredients contained in the substrate must be listed on Table 4.2, column 1 or 2, for crop inputs; 5.2 or 5.3 for livestock inputs and 6.3, 6.4 or 6.5 for prepared products. All substance annotations apply. If the substance does not include the substrate or growth medium, and that is confirmed in writing from the supplier, the substance has to have been produced on a non-GE substrate or growth medium, if commercially available. Refer to 4.1.3, 5.1.2 and 6.2.1 of CAN/CGSB-32.311.

Mutagenesis – cisgenesis #

Do seeds resulting from mutagenesis or cisgenenis fall within the Standard’s prohibition of genetic engineering? (255)
Mutagenesis and cisgenesis are not prohibited by the Standard. The use of these techniques is limited to combining plant materials that will cross or breed through natural processes”.

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