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Petition to Demand mandatory GMO safety assessments

January 14, 2022

Demand mandatory GMO safety assessments

No regulatory exemptions

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) are proposing to exempt many new genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) foods and seeds from regulation. If approved, the proposals would remove government oversight of many new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) produced through the new genetic engineering techniques of genome editing (also called gene editing), with no foreign DNA.

Lucy Sharratt,  coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, reported that ‘This new decision would also open our food system to a flood of unregulated genetically engineered foods that would not only be invisible to consumers, but also to government. Companies would be allowed to release these GMOs without notifying the government. The changes would result in an almost total lack of transparency – the government itself would not know which genetically engineered foods and seeds may be on the market.’

To take action, go to CBAN’s website – https://cban.ca/take-action/no-exemptions/ – 


As part of a CFIA public consultation on a proposal for an exemption from the environmental assessment of GM plants, the Quebec Organic Filière wishes to give consumers the opportunity to express themselves on this issue by signing their petition. 

These regulatory changes go against Federal Regulations on Organic Products which prohibit the use of GMOs. 

In the event of such an exemption, consumers would no longer have any guarantees that GMOs will not be used in the production of food that they consume.

The Quebec Organic Filière wishes to give consumers the opportunity to express themselves on this issue by signing this petition, which will allow you to present your point of view to the CFIA, the body responsible for this proposed change.

Government of Canada helps equip farmers with tools and knowledge to increase organic farming practices

“This investment will accelerate the adoption of organic best practices among farmers and increase the supply and quality of organic grains, fruits and vegetables, and livestock, fostering the expansion of the Canadian organic food processing sector. The development of the organic sector creates opportunities for Canadian farmers and processors to meet the increasing demand for organic food domestically and internationally.”

– Marla Carlson, Program Manager, Prairie Organic Development Fund

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