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SIC Terms of Reference

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, in partnership with the Organic Federation of Canada, has developed the Organic Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC). The objective of the Committee is to provide, to the Canada Organic Office (COO) interpretive guidance on issues related to the National Standards for Organic Agriculture (CAN/CGSB 32.310 and CAN/CGSB 32.311).

Click here to read the SIC Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference document is the result of the work of an Organic Federation of Canada Task Force to provide some guidance to the Canada Organic Office regarding ongoing interpretation of the Canada organic standard.

Proposed answers to questions, raised by organic stakeholders, regarding the National Standards for Organic Agriculture are posted on the website of OFC.

The elected members of the Standards Interpretation Committee are:

Jean Duval - organic consultant

Rochelle Eisen - Resilient Solutions Consulting

Amy Kremen - organic consultant

Kelly Monaghan - Ash Street Organics

Janine Gibson - organic inspector

Nicole Boudreau - manager

Benoit Dubé (COO) 

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