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Standards Interpretation Committee

May 18, 2018


Questions about the use of L-Lysine


The Standards Interpretation Committee has been submitted an interpretation request by a Certifying Body accredited under the Canada Organic Regime. This request includes the three following questions 


1-Are synthetic sources of L-Lysine permitted in livestock feed?
2- Are both L-Lysine sulphate and L-Lysine HCL permitted in livestock feed?
3- What are the additional restrictions for the allowance of synthetic L-Lysine?


The SIC agrees that there is a need for clarification and, as per clause C.5.4 of the Canada Organic Regime Operating Manual, the  issue of the use of lysine shall be set aside by the accredited CBs (e.g. the nonconformity will be placed on hold) until the SIC response is drafted, submitted to public comment and posted as final.


Consequently, the two following questions that were posted in Final Q&As are temporarily withdrawn:

Is L-lysine allowed in the feed for organic birds? (80)

Is lysine, produced using a fermentation process and a specially selected bacteria synthetic or non-synthetic? Providing the bacteria are non-GE, would this form of lysine be compliant with the standard if used as an ingredient in livestock feed? (145)

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