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Special series - Short Films

December 10, 2015

Organic producers engaging in research and innovation

The Organic Science Cluster II (OSCII) is completing its 3rd year of activities, with 37 research activities in progress across Canada in organic agriculture and processing.

To inform the organic sector about the OSCII activities, the OFC and OACC have created 8 short films that present organic producers engaged in research and innovation in close cooperation with OSCII researchers.

Organic flowers good for the environment

Frank Zyromski Greenhouses, located at Rivière Rouge (Quebec), is experimenting with the organic production of ornamental flowers. Nicolas Zyromski describes how they are investigating LED lighting to obtain high quality, organically certified cuttings and potted flowering plants under the leadership of Martine Dorais, an AAFC researcher.

Silicon, a valuable fungicide

At the Fraises de l’Île d’Orléans, Michel Gauthier, Research and Development Manager, explains how the absorption of silicon (Si) by strawberries can provide protection against a number of biotic stresses, and is often as effective as a fungicides, iIn cooperation with Richard Bélanger (Laval University) and Martine Dorais (AAFC).

Searching for the best fertilization and lighting for the production of greenhouse vegetables,      

Julie Lefort cooperates in a research activity led by Martine Dorais, researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, alongside researchers at Laval University. Fertilization and lighting trials with scientific monitoring have become part of their daily routine.

Organic and nutraceutical hops,   

To improve their production, Jean and Guillaume Gosselin are cooperating with a team a of researchers led by Martine Dorais, a researcher with AAFC; they describe how this research impacts their production of hops, a giant plant that reaches over 6 meters within 30 days.



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