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SIC Nominations and Public Comment Period

October 10, 2012

SIC - Call for Nominations

The Canada Organic Office, in cooperation with the Organic Federation of Canada, has established a permanent system for interpretation of the Canadian Organic Standard, the Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC) being an important element of this system.  


The terms of three committee members are ending in December 2012 and you are invited to submit nominations for these three positions. Click here to know how to submit your nominations.


We will accept nominations until November 9th 2012.

Questions and Answers on issues related to the Canadian Organic Standards

How should the minimum buffer zone be measured in an orchard? Can green char be used in organic agriculture? Can livestock feed harvested from the buffer zones around organic cropland be fed to livestock in transition to organic?


Click here to consult the proposed answers to the various questions (also attached), raised by organic stakeholders, regarding the National Standards for Organic Agriculture.


The proposed responses are subject to a 60 day comment period starting October 4th and closing December 3rd 2012. All comments regarding these answers should be sent to

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