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Review of the Canadian Organic Standards - Highlights and articles



Review of the 2020 Canadian Organic Standards - Highlights and articles

The revision of the Canadian Organic Standard (COS), which began in September 2018, was completed in December 2020, when the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) published the 2020 version of the COS.

The revisions to the standard have been the subject of much debate. Practices related to animal welfare, promotion of biodiversity, greenhouse production and other types of production have been assessed and compared to the organic standards of our trading partners.
Consensus was sometimes difficult to reach, but, in the end, the COS 2020 includes improved practices and is intended to meet consumer expectations of COS-certified organic products. Here are some of the revised clauses of the 2020 COS.


Livestock health and nutrition

A compromise about feed supplements and vaccines - Read more


Lighting for crops grown in structures

A final decision to prohibit 100% artificial lighting - Read more


Feed for livestock
Pandemic and drought on the agenda of the review of the Canadian Organic Standards - Read more


Solving P shortage on organic farms

Recycling P from livestock urine - Read more


Organic bee feeding

Helping honeybees survive Canadian winters the organic way - Read more


Protecting biodiversity

All operators will be required to demonstrate that they are protecting and enhancing the ecosystem health of their operation - Read more.


Parallel production

Relaxation of the standard for farms already certified - Read more


Poultry welfare

Overhead cover for shade and protection - Read more






Certified Organic 

Pork Producer




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The Review articles

  • October 2018 - To read information about the launch of the 2020 review of the Canadian Organic Standards, click here.


  • October 2018 - Behind the Scenes of the Standards Review  - Snapshot of livestock issues - Read more


  • December 2018 - 1st Consultation with the Organic Industry - Read more


  • December 2018 - The question of light - Some petitioners propose artificial light allowed as the sole source of light in greenhouses - Read more.


  • December 2018 - Regarding parallel production: the issue of parallel production is back! Read comments on OFC Blog


  • January 2019 - Fresh air for organic poultry? Does an organic chicken need to be able to go outside? Read the article from Janet Wallace.


  • February 2019 -The review 2020 of the Canadian Organic Standards - A FAST-TRACK REVIEW - Read more


  • March 2019 - The use of some synthetic substances in organic production  Read more


  • July 2, 2019 - The public comment has been launched! Read more


  • October 2019 - The many comments discussed by the working groups - Read more


  • December 2019 - The COMMENT REVIEW UPDATE - Read more


  • January 2020 - Public review comments have an impact - Certain proposed changes were withdrawn - Read more


  • February 2020 - A challenging apiculture issue has been submitted to the review - Read more


  • March 2020 -  Poultry welfare at the heart of the discussions - Read more












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