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Questions and Answers Regarding National Standards for Organic Agriculture

March 25, 2013


Does any use of a prohibited substance within 3000 meters of an apiary automatically disqualify the honey from achieving compliance with the Standard?


Can stevia be used as a sweetener in organic products? Is non-organic stevia admissible under the 5% non-organic ingredients rule?


Does the Standard require that processing aids in the production of non-organic ingredients be listed on Table 6.6 PSL?


Click here to consult the proposed answers to the various questions raised by organic stakeholders, regarding the National Standards for Organic Agriculture.


The proposed responses are subject to a 60 day comment period starting March 25th to May 24th    2013. All comments regarding these answers should be sent to


Archives - Final Questions and Answers
All final questions and answers are posted on OFC website (as pdf).

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