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New Questions & Answers from the Standards Interpretation Committee

July 16, 2012

Can inputs, which have been produced using substrates from GE plants, be used in organic food production?
Are topical applications of antibiotics in milking cows requiring a 30 day withdrawal?
Is crop rotation mandatory in organic systems? Is training of staff working in organic facilities mandatory?


Mandated by the Canada Organic Office, the Canada Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC) is proposing answers to these pertinent questions and all Canadian organic stakeholders are invited to issue their comments. All received comments will be assessed by the SIC.


Please click here to read and comment the Q&As submitted to the current public comment period.


Deadline for issuing your comment at  is September 17th. Thanks in advance for your attention!


Archives - Final Questions and Answers
All final questions and answers are posted on OFC website; the COO website will be updated soon.

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