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Key goals

The OFC general goals are to promote:

  • An enhanced coordinated, efficient and effective national regulation to support the development of the industry;
  • An increased consumer assurance of product authenticity and integrity;
  • A more rapid industry growth and development by sharing information and raising awareness to all stakeholders from government to consumer domestically and nationally; and
  • An increased level of trade in organic food products.

The key goals of establishing a national organization are as follows:

  • Allow the sector to have better interaction with government throughout the implementation of the Canada Organic Regime (i.e., the continual policy direction of the Organic Products Regulation, including the following constituent parts: the Canadian Agricultural Products Act, the Canada Organic Standard, and the CFIA Organic Policies and Procedures);
  • Facilitate import-export trade of organic products on the Canadian market;
  • Ensure the needs of small organic producers are heard and addressed;
  • Ensure that the organic sector has full input into the revision of the Canada Organic Standard;
  • Ensure that stable mechanism and recurrent funding are provided to the organic sector to update the Canada Organic Standards on a regular basis;
  • Ensure that an answering mechanism to standards interpretation is serving the industry; and
  • Reconcile success with commitment to the principles of organic agriculture.

For about ten years, we grew vegetables, apples, oats and hay, made maple syrup and had a barnful of chickens, rabbits, pigs and dairy goats. It was not financially viable, but it was a rich education and we ate very well! In talking around kitchen tables with other back-to-the-land folk, we began to define some organic standards. Those talks became more formal over time, and the group grew and evolved into a certification body. The rest is history.

Stephanie Wells
      Organic Consultant


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