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InfoBio March 2019

March 11, 2019


Canadian Standards Interpretation Committee

Public comment period – March 11th to April 11th 2019


• If non-organic trees or grapevines are planted before the land has completed the 36 month transition, how long before the fruit would qualify as “organic”?


• May non-organic operations raise pullets for organic layer operations?


• Is biochar in a soil mix considered part of the mineral fraction?


• Can dessicants, such as silica gel pouches, be added to containers of organic spices?

… and many other questions

Click here to read thne Q&As from the SIC.



Review of the Canadian Organic Standards

The use of some synthetic substances in organic production


What is organic food? In one way, the answer is simple - food produced according to the organic principles of health, ecology, fairness and care.


Can it be produced with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides? Well, this is where the answer gets a bit tricky.





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