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Canada Organic Regime Operating Manual

Accreditation and Certification

What are the procedures Canadian organic certifiers must follow? Which certifiers (also called certification bodies) are authorized to certify products in Canada? What agreement will determine whether an organic product certified in California will be allowed to bear the organic label in the Canadian marketplace? Who monitors products with labels that bear the "Organic Canada" logo?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has developed the Canada Organic Regime operating manual that defines the procedures that accrediters, certifiers and producers of organic products must follow. This manual is permanently posted on the CFIA ’s website, along with the names of the accredited certifiers authorized to certify Canadian products and methods.

Lastly, the CFIA is responsible for determining the equivalence between Canadian standards and applicant countries’ standards, recognizing foreign accreditation bodies, and applying procedures for issuing export certificates for Canadian products. This mandate is extremely relevant as import-export activities are very important in the organic food sector.


C.2.1.1 The CFIA accredited CB shall ensure that person seeking certification of their products or packaging and labelling activities make an application as defined by the CB, in accordance with Division 4 of part 13 of the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations (SFCR).

Canada Organic Regime operating manual


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