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Permitted substances lists

In addition to the General Principles and Management Standards, which describe organic practices, the Permitted Substances Lists specify the substances that may be used during the production of organic foods. Whether for enriching the soil or controlling pests, feeding and caring for animals, cleaning equipment, or making a multi-ingredient product, permitted substances must be used in accordance with the general principles of organic production.

Section 11 of the Organic Products Regulations refers to the Permitted Substances Lists and stipulates that “a certification body shall certify an agricultural product as an organic product if it determines, after evaluation, that […] the substances used in the production of the agricultural product are those set out in, and used in the manner described in, the most recent edition of CAN/CGSB 32.311, entitled Organic Production Systems — Permitted Substances Lists.”

The Canadian General Standards Board publishes the Permitted Substances Lists at the following address: click here [+]

A cow that comes from a so-called conventional herd must be fed and cared for in accordance with organic standards for at least one year before its milk can be labelled "organic.”


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