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Addressing a question to the SIC

Is there a question that you want to address to the SIC?


Questions about the meaning of a particular point in the Canadian Organic Standard may originate from any source and are directed to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) at

There is no specific form on which stakeholders should present their questions; but the SIC is suggesting the following guidelines:

  •  If you are a certified operator, you should first direct your question to your certifying body. As a professional delivering inspection services, the CB is your first reference.
  • If you could not get a satisfying answer from your CB, you can address your question to the CFIA, at , that will request guidance of the SIC if needed.
  • Please address your question as clearly as possible, providing sufficient background to have the SIC understanding your issue and issuing the correct answer.
  • If your question is not clear enough, the CFIA officer may contact you to get additional information.
  • The CFIA does not divulgate your identity when requesting guidance of the SIC.

So, feel free to send your questions remembering to…

  • Ask first to your certifying body
  • Issue a clear question with supporting background
  • Send your question at
  • Request to be anonymous or allow the SIC to know who you are
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